Tracy Sekhon – Owner

Main Number: (858) 618-4747

Tracy Sekhon Insurance, Inc.
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive, #305
San Diego, CA 92128

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You need to know why your insurance coverage choices are important, and what the coverage will do for you. Many people know they need or must have insurance, but aren’t as interested in the “why”. We are the “why” Agency. We are insurance educators.

I, personally, have been in the insurance business for 26 years; 15 of them in the Rancho Bernardo community of San Diego. I’ve owned an Agency for 20 years; here in San Diego and previously in Glendale, Arizona. I know insurance! I know that it can help save you, your family and your lifestyle. I know that you deserve to know how and why. I am passionate about insurance because I have experienced, first hand, the safety net that it provides. My staff and I want to make sure you have that safety net, too.

My husband, Dave, and I live in Rancho Bernardo, California. I am the mother of four; one daughter and three sons. I enjoy spending time with my family, shopping and flying airplanes.