Tracy Sekhon’s Vision For An Autism Resource & Treatment Center In San Diego

For ARTC pageTracy Sekhon Insurance supports Autism Awareness. When my son was diagnosed with Autism at 22 months old, I learned how crucial early intervention was to his prognosis. Since then, I’ve seen a critical need in San Diego and throughout the world for resources and treatment options.

Thousands of families are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder but the resources available in our community are scattered and often hard to find.  There was not ONE place where I could go to get answers, as well as treatment for my son.

By 2019, my goal is to open an Autism Resource and Treatment Center in San Diego. This center will serve infants through adults with Autism and their families, so those affected can live their best life on the spectrum.
We’ll be partnering with the community to make our vision a reality in San Diego!

To learn more about how you can partner with us, call (858) 618 – 4747